How Mercedes use brand evolution to triumph over their rivals.

Mercedes is a brand which many might initially consider doesn’t need to update. However, since its launch in 1901, Mercedes has subtly yet continuously developed and evolved its brand to the point today where it is not only arguably the strongest Automotive brand in the world, but one of the strongest in any market. In fact in the latest Interbrand ‘Best Global Brands’ rankings, Mercedes was 9th behind the likes of Apple, Google, Coke, Microsoft and Amazon.

The evolutionary branding of Mercedes has driven extraordinary business growth over the years because the Company has been able to maintain relevance with its audience, and furthermore has been able to broaden the appeal of the brand above and beyond its core product level offering.

Today, Mercedes stands for the aspiration to deliver ‘the best’ – in terms of products, technology and services. This simple brand proposition clearly broadens the Company’s horizons and is a yardstick by which everything Mercedes does is measured.

Maintaining relevance with your audience to drive sales

It’s unavoidable that the relationship your brand has with your customer changes over time. This is almost always down to a combination of factors – maybe your proposition or audience has changed (often both), maybe it’s new or changed competitor has altered your audiences expectations, or maybe a new style or trend is influencing your market.

Often a company’s product or service stays relevant whilst the brand perception falls behind, meaning all the great things the company is doing and can offer are not supported or reflected by the brand.

If nothing else, a company whose brand remains unchanged for long periods of time can (sometimes unfairly) be perceived by the audience as stagnating or worse going backwards. Conversely we have all experienced poorly performing products or services which are purchased at a premium price because the brand connects with and engages the customer.

Evolution or revolution?

If you’re at the point where you need to update your brand, don’t be put off by thinking that has to mean a complete or costly overhaul. The majority of rebrands feature small (but highly pertinent) changes, re-defining what the brand stands for to maintain stand out and desirability amongst customers.

You may have already built a strong brand but would welcome help on how to develop it. WDA can work with you to identify how best to leverage, evolve and differentiate it. perhaps you just feel your brand has lost its way a little or competition is increasing, in which case WDA can help you re-define it. Maybe you feel your current brand doesn’t truly reflect your business at all, in which case we can work with you to create the brand that does.

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