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Since the launch of the Internet, many digital marketing tactics have come and gone. One that has stood the test of time and will continue to do so is content marketing.

Content is most likely one of, if not the most essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Content creates awareness, it creates conversation, it educates and, more importantly, it is your customer’s path to making a purchase. The automotive industry is no exception to this rule – content is king!

Put simply, content marketing is creating content – words, imagery and visuals – designed to help your brand better engage with your customers and build a relationship of trust over time. Effective content marketing combines technical digital marketing tactics with specialist writing skills to produce informative and actionable content which is aligned with your brand’s tone of voice, represents your brand values and speaks directly to your audience in an engaging way. The objective is to retain your customer’s interest by consistently providing them with the information and answers they are looking for. Ultimately, content marketing is about leading each customer through their journey and decision-making process towards a purchase.

Search engines exist to rank websites and pages in order of relevance for the search terms being made by your audience. When search engines crawl your website, they depend on you having sufficient relevant content to match what your target audience searches for. WDA’s content marketing specialists use automotive audience insights and keyword research to devise a targeted and tailored content strategy. We then create engaging content which is totally relevant to your audience and fully optimised for your SEO strategy so that it is picked up and highly ranked by the search engines.

Building authority through content and getting your readers to trust you and see you as the “go-to” resource for a specific topic takes time. It is no different from building and developing a friendship; you have to have many conversations before you fully trust each other. For most automotive brands, a blog is a great way to build this authority, and publishing regular, educational and informative content will result in people starting to recognise you as a trusted leader within your industry. The goal is that when they subsequently have a need your business can fulfil – they’ll come straight to you!

Content promotion is a crucial component of any automotive content marketing strategy. Creating content without promoting it is like having stock in your warehouse without telling your customers – pretty pointless! The vast majority of content needs sharing and promoting to gain traction. We can do this in many ways including social media, targeted emails, paid advertising, internal linking and more. Our team will help you identify the best platforms to distribute your content and reach your audience most effectively.

Many of the automotive brands we meet invest a considerable amount of their own time and effort into creating content across their websites, blogs and social media channels without getting anything in return. This is often under the belief that an agency cannot fully understand and therefore properly represent their business, brand and proposition. In the unlikely event they are excellent copywriters (a skillset in itself), they are often missing the technical skills of content marketing and left to guess focus keywords, frequency and position, titles, meta descriptions, linking etc. While this may also be true of a general agency working across multiple markets, WDA has been specialising solely within the automotive market for over 20 years, and has extensive experience in many of its sectors. We will, of course, need a little time to get to know you and your brand more intimately, but our specialism enables us to get up to speed fast to deliver purposeful content that stimulates your target audience into action.

Our specialist team is happy to conduct a FREE initial content audit to establish which pages are driving traffic to your website, and which are bouncing visitors – and why. We will then advise how we could help improve traffic and engagement across your site. This could involve improving (optimising) what is already there, re-writing content or making suggestions on writing new keyword-focussed pages to better represent your offering. In each case the objective is the same: maximise opportunities to build relationships with your audience – and ultimately to convert them into customers.

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Very professional, knowledgeable and easy to get on with.

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Like any investment we wanted a return, in this case through enquiries and increased profile to assist with our plans of business growth. Don’t engage them if you’re uncomfortable having your thinking challenged, they leave no rock unturned… If you’re genuinely looking for results, WDA have proven to be great people to have onside.

Richard Newhouse, Status Metrology

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