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As the adage goes, a picture paints a thousand words. Apart from making an instant and punchy communication, great photography can make you really stand out from the competition and ultimately, drive more business.

WDA have shot for a multitude of famous Automotive brands including Pirelli, Bridgestone, Fuchs, Norton, HEL, Continental, AGV, Motul…the list goes on. More often than not we know the brands, know the products, and our automotive experience means we know how to capture the perfect images – and put those images in front of the right audiences.

Great photography grabs your audiences attention, taps into their emotions, and helps to immediately deliver your message – often with no words necessary.

Visual assets can play a vital role at almost every stage of your customers journey – from initial brand awareness, through to creating interest and building desire; and ultimately stimulating positive action.

For many automotive businesses that action often means more sales; and the use of great photography in your marketing will definitely help you achieve just that.

Taking great shots depends on creativity, good planning, the right equipment and expert execution. It also depends on skilled high-end post-production editing.

There are lots of dedicated photographic agencies out there who can take you this far – but it’s what you actually do with the images that makes the difference.

An in-depth understanding and immersion within our automotive market allows us to properly integrate imagery into your wider marketing strategy. Whilst our expert team of automotive marketers can then execute that strategy through the right channels – controlling investment and maximising your return.

WDA can deliver content driven imagery – typically faster turnaround and more authentic images which are perfect for social media posting for example.

At the other end of the scale we can plan, execute, edit and deliver conceptual high-end shoots involving art direction, larger crews, intricate sets, cars, locations and specialist equipment.

  • Large drive-in studio featuring full cove with electric vehicle turntable set into the floor and high level shooting mezzanine.
  • Good access to automotive resources – cars, accessories, locations, personalities, influencers and props.
  • Adobe Creative Editing Suite
  • Panasonic Lumix GH5 4k cameras with a variety of different camera, lighting and sound equipment.

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I was nervous about moving the creative account but Yamaha needed to come to the market from a different direction. I don’t know what I was worried about. WDA delivered a fabulous piece of work that has surpassed our expectations.

Marketing Manager, Yamaha

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Great news all! We have won a SEMA Global Media Award!!!! Great effort team as you have all helped us pull SEMA together - BIG THUMBS UP!

Marketing Manager, MSS Suspension

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