Automotive Specialist Marketing Agency Boosts Dedicated Videography Department

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Exciting times for WDA as we continue our automotive video expansion, supporting more clients looking to capitalise from online video.

WDA are boosting our automotive video marketing capabilities with the addition of a new team member, Matt Baguley. Matt is tasked with primarily delivering content driven video to support the wider automotive marketing team with edited and optimised video for online publication including social media.

Matt will be working on a whole range of exciting projects including tutorial videos, short-form, brand building videos, interview pieces and even some motorsport coverage – in fact his first assignment is looking like being at our local Donington Park June 8th to cover the official British Superbike test.

“Video has been one of the busiest areas for the agency in recent months”, said WDA’s Gemma Lovett, “Video is really opening up, driven by both consumer and technology; and as a result demand for good quality video content is just increasing.  It’s awesome to have Matt on board to give us even more video firepower!”


Online video consumption UP +61%

Today’s audiences prefer to watch more than read, and that’s evident by the increases in conversion rates year on year for websites using video content over those that don’t. A recent IPA marketing report confirmed that no other media has performed like online video. Consumption in the last 5 years amongst all UK adults was up a staggering 61% pre-pandemic; and unlike lots of other channels it actually rose a further 11% during lockdown. Highlighted at the beginning of the year within WDA’s annual top automotive marketing trends , one of the biggest trends in video is short-form video of the type used on TikTok, Instagram Reels, Snapchat Spotlight and YouTube Shorts.

Amazing automotive video content can make engagement, conversion and sales skyrocket!

Video is playing an increasingly critical role in marketing, and for good reason. Nothing touches video when it comes to creating an emotional connection with your customers. And by developing deeper and more meaningful relationships, your audience are much more likely to stay engaged with your brand, and much more likely to convert into paying customers.

This is backed up by the data – According to research from Tubular Insights some 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded videos on social media, whilst using video on a shop landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80%. Because it’s a much more sensory experience, video also has a much longer lasting impact on your customers with 95% of video information being retained compared to just 10% for plain text.

Good video content supports and enhances your message and improves the customer experience. Here are just some of the main reasons to include video as part of your marketing activities:

  • Video content is PROVEN to return great ROI – boosting customer conversions and sales revenues
  • It promotes brand trust and recall
  • Video helps position and strengthen your brand
  • It boosts SEO (Google loves videos)
  • It performs well across all devices, appealing particularly to mobile users
  • Video Marketing tells a story – it can explain anything and everything
  • It engages your audience and encourages social shares

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How to get your audience clicking, watching and sharing your automotive video

Producing and editing great video is only part of the process, it then needs to be properly broadcast. It may sound obvious, but you need to get enough of the right people to actually watch it. A sound strategy will integrate video into your wider marketing campaigns and goals. Knowing where and how the video should be displayed is key to getting the best results. Identifying the right channels, best placements and target keywords is critical. Next comes video optimisation, campaign launch, testing and monitoring against KPI’s. Some key metrics to help you to track how successful your video content has been include view count, play rate, engagement, social sharing, click-through rate, conversion rate and feedback – reactions and comments.


The Automotive Specialist advantage

Shooting only for our automotive clientele has several distinct advantages. For one, we generally know what it is we are looking at – which elements are important and which details we need to capture. We are also very aware of market trends and competitor content – important in making our clients videos stand out in a very crowded marketplace. Being connected to the industry we are also able to source cars and associated products and props, access exclusive automotive locations and approach influencer contacts. For studio projects our automotive studio cove features a 360 degree remotely operated turntable big enough for limo sized vehicles. We also have a licensed drone.

Ready to benefit from Video?

According to a report from HubSpot Research, more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands, which is way more than any other type of content. Whilst a staggering 90% of customers also say videos help them make buying decisions. If you are ready to reap the benefits of video within your marketing campaigns, Matt and our team of video and digital marketing experts can help you with:

  • Content driven video
  • Product Demo Videos
  • Brand Videos
  • Event Coverage
  • Expert Interviews
  • Educational How-To Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Animated Videos
  • Case Study / Customer Testimonial Videos
  • Live Videos
  • 360° & Virtual Reality Videos
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Videos

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