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Because the automotive industry is so competitive, your marketing budget needs to be working extra hard to drive increased traffic and leads to your website to feed your sales pipeline. For most automotive brands this means an integrated marketing mix which includes pay per click (PPC), a type of paid search advertising which is proven to be a highly effective method of ‘buying’ traffic for your website. As the name implies, PPC involves only paying when someone clicks on your advert and through to your website. For this reason, PPC is also exceptionally trackable making it very easy to measure how profitable the traffic is. The now familiar text-based adverts served within Google search results are today complemented by an increasing range of other options including display, video and shopping ads.


+ Will I get leads straight away?

Some Automotive clients do get leads almost straight away, others take a little longer. Either way, PPC is generally a quicker process than search engine optimisation but it still requires ongoing campaign management and tuning to improve performance and drive the best results.

Once your automotive pay per click campaign is up and running your audience will start seeing your advert. The next step is to encourage them to click and finally to convert – impression, click, conversion. To get that right, the campaign must be set up by a specialist, targeting the right keywords, using the right ad messaging and implementing tweaks to website landing pages. WDA are automotive PPC specialists and have an experienced digital team who know how to get results.


+ How does automotive PPC work?

Automotive PPC is similar to an auction. The higher your bid, the higher your ad will appear and the more clicks you’re likely to get. However, being in the top ad position doesn’t always get the best conversion rates. Average ad position is always something we test and measure.


+ What platforms can I advertise my automotive business on?

While Google AdWords is for many the default, there are a number of other PPC advertising platforms that we can utilise that might be a better fit for your brand and market. Here at WDA, we have specialists in Bing advertising (less reach than Google but lower cost per click), Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertising, YouTube advertising and more. For some brands, a combination of different paid advertising platforms is the best way forward.


+ How much does automotive PPC cost?

The cost of running an automotive PPC campaign varies greatly depending on the platforms used and the size of your advertising account (i.e. the number of keywords and ads etc). The bigger the account and the more platforms managed, the higher the level of required investment. Costs are generally split between advertising platform (Google Adwords for example) which are met directly by the client (payable to Google in that case) and agency costs which typically include an initial set-up and ongoing management fee. WDA’s paid specialist team will work with you to help determine a suitable budget level to drive results.


+ Will I know what’s working and what isn’t?

Yes, you will. Over time and as more data is gathered we’ll be able to track and see a full picture of progress to determine which areas of paid advertising are working best for your automotive business and which aren’t. We can then reduce your spend on less lucrative areas and increase it within the higher performing ones. Also, as part of delivering a fantastic paid advertising experience, we’ll keep in touch regularly and send you monthly performance reports for all channels so you’re never in the dark!


+ Why work with WDA for your automotive PPC

 Google and Bing certified so we know our stuff!
 Regular communication and monthly reporting so you’re always in the loop.
 The automotive industry is our passion and we know it inside and out.
 An award-winning agency


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Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords

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Facebook provides the highest social value for B2C (96%) and Linkedin provides the highest social value for B2B (93%)

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