New Year, New inspirations

As we start the New Year here at WDA our automotive design team have had chance to reflect over the festive period, and whilst it’s not a resolution as such a pertinent Christmas gift gave us the opportunity to re-focus on the principles of design. This gift was Dieter Rams’ fantastic book, Less and More.

Dieter Rams is responsible for almost all of the iconic items designed and produced by Braun over a 40 year period from 1953. His impressive and well documented design output at Braun included everything from Radio’s to Watches, some of which remain on sale, unchanged some 25 years later. His status as a leading figure in the world of design is testament to his ability to create items of timeless appeal, making even the most mundane products desirable items. We’ve found that all of Dieter Rams’ principles translate perfectly into the automotive design industry.

The 10 principles of Good Design are as relevant today as they were some 60 years ago, and as many of our Automotive clients create physical products they’re as relevant in Automotive design as they are for our design team.

If you create products for the automotive industry and are looking for some New Year’s inspiration, ‘Less and More: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams’ is a perfect starting point.

1 Good design is innovative 2 Good design makes a product useful 3 Good design is aesthetic 4 Good design makes a a product understandable 5 Good design is unobtrusive 6 Good design is honest 7 Good design is long lasting 8 Good design is thorough down to the last detail 9 Good design is environmentally friendly 10 Good design is as little design as possible

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Automotive Design - 10 Principles of Design.

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