5 Reasons Blogging Can Help Drive Your Automotive Business Forward

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Did you know that 43% of business owners report that they either don’t really know what blogging is and/or don’t blog for their own business and brands? Now consider that 55% of those that do utilise blogging actually consider it their main inbound marketing tactic – and say they have directly benefitted from it.

These general stats seem to reflect our own experiences within the Automotive Sector. We see a range of different attitudes towards blogging, from those who don’t see any real value, to those who know they should do it, but don’t fully understand its place within their marketing activities. We also come across businesses who have excellent blog sections on their websites and are consistently generating considered, well written and properly optimised content which is fully joined up with their digital marketing and is directly driving business and sales.

Unless your content marketing is absolutely flying, please read on as WDA’s Digital Marketing Expert, Matt Tudge, outlines 5 key ways effective blogging can help you and your automotive business:

1) Relationship building

Starting up a blog is your first step in building better quality relationships with your potential customers and your existing customers. Talk directly to them in your blog articles by answering their questions, providing solutions to their pain points and by providing guidance. Automotive business blogging will help you to both bolster existing relationships and establish new ones.

2) Establishing your business
as an expert

Blogging regularly about important topics that your audience is interested in will help to establish your business as an industry expert. A blog article might be the first page a new prospect lands on after searching for an answer to their question for example. Here’s your chance to impress. Get your expert opinion and advice across to them in the article and you’ll start generating a stream of regular visitors looking to you as the expert for help and advice.

3) Become a go-to resource

This further expands on the above in that if you can engage your audience and provide content that inspires and informs them then you will build trust and they will look to you in the future to solve other problems. As a ‘thought leader’ you can become their go-to source within your field of expertise. The opportunity to monetise this relationship comes when your audience turns to you first with a need or a problem that can be specifically satisfied or solved with one of your products or services. This removes a lot of the competitor research a prospect might otherwise make and puts your automotive business in pole position for the sale.

4) Drive more traffic & boost your
organic presence

The automotive industry is extremely competitive globally and within every sub-sector across both B2C and B2B markets. Therefore, getting as much brand visibility as possible is paramount. Creating quality content through blogging helps with this by:

– Driving extra organic traffic by having your blog articles indexed in the search engines and ranking well. This requires a solid keyword strategy based on ongoing keyword research, optimising your content for search and promoting it on your website, on Social Media and in email.

– Boosting your existing organic presence through internal linking from the articles to your core pages and by checking off some of Google’s key ranking factors – fresh content and hopefully great user engagement.

5) Convert and delight

Finally, the right sort of blog content can help you and your automotive business to convert website traffic into leads through benefit-driven copy with calls to action. It can also be used to delight existing customers through industry-relevant news and opinion pieces, product guides, product tips and much more.

Start taking advantage of blogging and content marketing

WDA has been specialising within the Automotive market for over 20 years and has been successfully driving business for our 2 and 4 wheel clients across both B2C and B2B markets, and a wide range of sectors including Manufacturer, OEM, Aftermarket, Motorsport, Performance, Accessories and Auto Technology. Our automotive industry specialism enables us to get up to speed with your business FAST to deliver purposeful content that will stimulate your target audience into action.

If you’d like help to get your blogging and content marketing driving more business then get in touch with our team today on 01332 372728 or email anna@wda-automotive.com.

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