Automotive Branding goes digital!

Tasked with the brief to fully transform and revolutionise their digital identity, WDA has boosted SamcoSport’s online presence and realigned it with the new brand we created for the company find out more here. Officially launched to coincide with Autosport, the new site will be further developed with lots of exciting future enhancements planned. For now the site enables customers to ‘Connect to Victory’ online, by bringing the emotive new brand positioning and brand visual identity into the digital arena.

SamcoSport are giants in the world of motorsport, and regarded as the undisputed leaders in high performance silicone hoses. However, the old site was felt to be falling behind the competition, and not representative of Samco’s reputation for quality and technological superiority. Additionally the site had also become very restrictive in terms of both functionality and support.

Samcosport mobile web

As well as upgrading the visual identity, content and overall design and layout; the new site has been built on an all new dynamic platform which gives much more functionality and options going forward. Now fully responsive the site has been designed first and foremost to work on mobile devices; absolutely critical given the device usage habit’s of today’s audience.

Probably the brand’s most visible and engaged customer touchpoint, the new Samco website is another big step change for the company and yet another way the audience can experience and learn about the Samco difference.

samco website before and after

“WDA are thrilled to deliver Samco’s new website” Said WDA’s Lee Waterhouse. “The company is another category leading client for WDA and yet another example of our ability to fully roll out a coordinated marketing programme within our automotive sector.  This new website is the latest project which has included advertising, packaging, show and exhibition support. Much more than just a design job, the site helps to convey the Samco difference by leveraging our ‘Connect to Victory’ positioning which reminds the audience about the motorsport heritage (including F1 and WRC) which the competition simply do not have. This in turn supports our premium position and translates directly to sales. 

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