Automotive Advertising

For WDA’s award winning paid advertising team, it’s all about the idea! Whilst choosing the right media channels is an important skill it’s the communication that will grab your audience’s attention, engage them and motivate them to take action.


+ Digital Advertising

As automotive marketing specialists, we know the online media your audience is consuming, which means we can position your brand in front of the most relevant audience possible.


+ Social Media Advertising

The great thing about social media advertising is that it can be highly targeted and easy to track. WDA knows when to tactically boost the right post, and the best part is that social media advertising is great value for money – we have clients who enjoy great results from an investment of just £200 per month.


+ TV Advertising

Funky TV spots are taken from storyboard to film and motion graphics to final edit. WDA can even handle clearcast approvals right through to broadcast.


+ Print Advertising

Expertly conceptualised, designed and copy written print adverts, designed to give your brand stand-out on the printed page. While your customers are still reading print, you can be sure we’ll still be designing for it.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Most of WDA’s Automotive clients want results – fast; and PPC advertising is probably the most dynamic and controllable way of driving highly engaged visitors to your website – with instant results.

WDA has a totally dedicated Google qualified PPC team, which handles hundreds of thousands of pounds of PPC advertising investment for our clients, across multiple global markets and channels including Amazon and Google Shopping. From strategy and campaign creation to management and optimisation, let WDA show you how PPC can fast track your profits.


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WDA is now offering a Test Drive of our Automotive Digital Marketing services to prove we can effectively drive business.

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Google shopping


of all retailers’ Google search ad clicks in the UK were accounted for by Google Shopping.

Faster = better


of people said they would leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Making an impression

.05 Secs

The time it takes for users to form an impression of your brand after page load.



Data from Statista anticipates a 246.15% increase in worldwide e-commerce sales, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021.

How WDA can help drive business for you


We create differentiation and stand-out by properly leveraging the one thing which makes every Automotive business unique - its brand.

Digital Marketing

We create striking and highly engaging Automotive focussed marketing campaigns, taken to market through your customers favourite channels.

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