5 Tips to Get More From Your YouTube Videos

5 youtube marketing tips

The power of video marketing is incredible. It drives brand awareness, engagement and conversions. Here are 5 top tips from Matt to get more from your videos on YouTube.


The title of your videos should be enticing while remaining relevant to what the video is about. It should also be optimised for the most relevant keyword.


Your description should include an overview of what the video is about, followed by your contact details and links to other social channels etc. It should again be optimised to include relevant keywords and usually, longer descriptions result in better YouTube search rankings.


Include a wide range of short and long-tailed tags based around your video topic and target keyword. Also, be sure to do competitor tag analysis of the top ranking videos.


Similarly to your title, the video thumbnail needs to pop. It needs to attract attention and encourage viewers to click.

Call to Action

All videos should include a clear call to action at the end of the video to guide your audience on what you want them to do next. Is it simply to subscribe, visit your website or something else? End screens can be added during the upload stage to facilitate this.

Implementing just a couple of the above tips will improve your video marketing on YouTube and will help to start driving more views, more engagement and more traffic. However, the more you can implement, the better.

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