Brand new Scorpion!

With this latest promotional campaign WDA have brought the essence of Red Power to the fore. Devised by WDA, the original concept champions the ‘business end’ of the product - the STINGER - where the noise, heat, flames, and smoke all emit. WDA's original concept was to link the brand into the product itself by creating a unique Red Power product line with trademark red coloured inlay tip - the only brand on the market immediately identifiable from the rear - the only view most of the others get!

Our campaign features an 'O' icon to represent the red exhaust tip as an anchor for all consumer messaging - the glue holding Scorpion's many diverse target audiences together. The platform allows highly targeted communications for each audience whilst reinforcing Scorpions core Red Power brand difference.

This campaign has been adopted globally amongst Scorpion's distribution partners, and has been delivered into the marketplace utilising print, online and social media.

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